Excel Business Analysis Professional Program

The Excel Business Analysis Professional Program (EBAP2) is designed for professionals who are seeking to master Excel in a business environment. Unlike traditional Microsoft Excel courses, EBAP2 courses provide robust content that focuses on both business and technology. Learners master the Excel technology in parallel with learning business concepts, metrics, and terms; business modeling and analytical techniques, terms and approaches; and how to develop and apply Excel solutions to actual business problems.

EBAP2 consists of 8 courses designed to guide professionals from an introduction to Excel through developing data modeling and predictive analytics through developing customized Excel applications with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Upon completion of EBAP2, Learners will have the ability to ask the right business questions to determine the correct needs and requirement; and obtain, analyze and present the appropriate data to deliver successful business solutions. Learners who successfully complete this program will significantly enhance their professional value and marketability.

EBAP2 is designed for business analysts, data analysts, enterprise decision-makers, and entrepreneurs. EBAP2 is aligned with our Data Science Professional Program which focuses on all aspects of data technologies including “big data”, analytics, architecture, and technologies; and our Business Analysis Professional Program which focuses on the methodologies and processes utilized by business analyst professionals to drive enterprise change.

Our curriculum can be customized to meet the specific business requirements of your enterprise.

  • Excel Level I
  • Excel Level II
  • Excel Level III
  • Excel Assessment
  • Business Analysis & Metrics
  • Data Analysis w/Excel
  • Business Modeling w/Excel
  • Developing Excel VBA Enterprise Solutions

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