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About HL

Heuristic Learning, LLC (HL) was started in 2005 as a provider of business and technology training. The business was a spin off from The Success-Full Corporation (TSC) which had previously provided end-to-end consulting and training to corporations, educational institutions and individuals. The decision to separate Heuristic Learning (HL) from TSC allowed HL to develop its own strategic direction and identity. TSC followed a similiar path and was renamed to StrategicIsite and restructured to solely focus on strategic and project management. StrategicIsite is one our strategic partners.

We are unique in that we deliver integrated learning that bridges content from multiple disciplines within each program and course.

The name Heuristic Learning reflects our commitment to incorporating creative approaches to teaching and learning. Heuristic (heu•ris•tic [ hyoo rístik ] ) refers to the art and science of discovery and invention. The word comes from the same Greek root as "eureka" meaning "to find". Heuristics are processes and methods for guiding and enabling adaptive decision-making which is crucial to learning and professional growth. A heuristic for a given problem is a way of focusing one's attention on finding a solution.

Traditional teaching and learning methods focus on a set of procedures to arrive at a solution. Business management has already shifted from following exact methodologies to using "best practices" as the means to finding solutions to business problems to allow for easy solution adaptation. Heuristic Learning understands that in a fast changing environment committing to a rigid set of procedures may constrict the ability to rapidly find a solution. Rigid procedures may not be applicable to every situation. Heuristic Learning believes that as an education and training provider we must incorporate creative strategies for educating professionals to meet the competitive and changing demands of the workplace.

Heuristic Learning differentiates itself from other training providers by focusing on both the content (the curriculum) and the context (the method of delivery). Our approach is to maintain smaller learning communities (classes) while offering a high-quality personalized experience to students.

We are committed to the professional development for those who are responsible for elevating business performance.

Our Core Programs

Data Science Professional Program

Our DSP2 delivers a hybrid of applicable content suitable for new and experienced data learners. DSP2 includes content on data, data modeling, database technologies, data analytics, business intelligence, data visualization and programming languages.

Project Management Program

Our PM Program is a blend of strategic, PMI, and practical approaches to project management. The program content varies from basic to advance project management theories and practices. Our program covers all the knowledge areas, strategy and Microsoft Project. Our program fulfills PMI's education requirement for PMP credential exams.

Business Analysis Programs

Our Business Analysis Programs include our Business Analyst Certificate Program (BACP) and our Excel Business Analysis Professional Program (EBAP2). These programs deliver a comprehensive understanding of methodologies, tools and techniques utilized for business analysis to assess business problems and opportunities. BACP is aligned with our Project Management Program and EBAP2 is aligned with our Data Science Professional Program.

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